‘’We do not see design as a discipline but a way of life. we hope to teach our students to have confidence in methodology of how to innovate routinely”

A  child  is  a  born  learner who is eager to  explore,  experiment  and  discover.  It  is  our constant  endeavor  to  provide  an  environment,  that  ensures  happy  and  healthy  growth  of  children.  Our methodology envisages integrated learning experiences and experiments for children.

We at Asian World School believe that each child is as unique  as  his  thumb  print. We  develop  a  program  that  is  appropriate  and  to  the  needs,  aptitude  and  interests  of  the child.  We make  use  of  various  “Age Appropriate”  teaching  aids,  tools  and  processes. Our approach focuses  on  the  acquisition  of  knowledge,  development  of concepts  &  skills, formation  of  values  and  attitudes, self  expression  and  creativity.

We   adopt  the  following  approach and  methodologies  to  teach  different  subject  matter  at  different  learning  level and  stages to make the learning process more interesting.

  • Integrated  approach
  • REGGIO  EMELIA  Approach – child  directed
  • Theme  based  learning
  • Hands  on  experience
  • Experiments  and  Demonstrations
  • Research, Explorations  and  case  studies
  • Skills  development
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