Management Team

Bhawika Jain  has graduated from Christ College, Bangalore and holds a degree in taxation. Her aim is to ensure that school is an emotionally safe space where children can dig dipper and take risks with their imagination and blossom without any fear of being judged.

Neerad Agarwal  has completed his engineering degree from Pune University and MBA from IIT Bombay. He has diverse experience in the areas of business and education. His goal is to enable young learners to find the right balance between the head and heart, information and formation, traditional and modern and mould them into responsible, balanced human beings.

Saurav Ajmera  received his MBA in Management Information Systems from Temple University, United States and has over a decade long experience in the technology sector. He focuses on team work and developing a rich work culture.

Meghavi Godika  is a Chartered Accountant and is the youngest member of  our management team. Her motive is to create exciting teaching   resources,  detailed curriculum and constantly update the methodology so as to keep pace with changes in educational research.

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