Best CBSE School in Jaipur

Academic Excellence

We strive to be the best, by imparting practical education methods that works. For us our Students are our best commentators.

Modern Syllabus

We follow the most updated syllabus and curriculum provided by CBSE. Our Education methodology is modern and robust.

Certified Teachers

Get professional education & reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers & instructors. We provide them with regular training & resources.

Active Learning

Not just focusing on books, but children should be aware of the environment around them. We provide education as a whole and not just book based.



We believe that education is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. The right to education is a basic human right, which does not mean just handing over information to students. With this idea of education, we try to present “education” to the child in a way child can assimilate it. At Asian World School our faculty and the wider school community proudly reflects the shared vision, commitment, and energy necessary to ensure the overall development of every child.

Surrounded by nature, the school offers the ideal environs for not just discovering oneself and one’s multiple intelligence and talent, but also getting well-prepared for the future. The sprawling campus, sports and academic facilities all bear testimony to this effort.

We are committed to developing a culture of high expectations that nourishes the development of creative, confident, accomplished young kids. With the Proof of our results and the feedback of the parents, we acknowledge the importance of student engagement, challenge, and active learning opportunities. Learning experiences are increasingly personalized – shaped in response to our Students’ stages of development rather than their age or year level. Our Students are encouraged to develop a ‘growth mindset’ understanding the diverse and dynamic nature of intelligence. They all need security, support, and confidence in themselves and belief in the power of their commitment to their learning. Information communication and Smart Class technologies are used to enhance collaboration and the authenticity of learning experiences, provide flexibility, extending learning opportunities and support targeted learning interventions. Also, we are listed in the best CBSE schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

AWS News & Events


Save the Dates! Asian World School is conducting Read-A-Thon, an experience to make you smarter and aware from 11th December 2020 to 24th December 2020.

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Globetrotters and European Antiquity

“All students are creative, and deserve the ability to let that creativity flourish in all its elemental beauty.” At Asian World School we always believe that knowledge generated by research is the basis of lifelong learning and development. With this goal activities for Primary and Middle wing students, namely Globetrotters and European Antiquity were held […]

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Open House

Asian World School organized an Open House on December 21st, 2019 for grades Nursery to II. At Asian World School, we believe that true learning thrives on real-life experiences. Following this, each class took up a project and thoroughly researched it. The parents of our school gained insight about what their kids do in school. […]

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