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Summer Camp




“Play Lead Challenge Connect Unit’’


Duration: 27th May 2013 to 22th June 2013


Timing:  8 am to 12 noon


Asian World School is a premium destination for summer camp experience. We have an exceptional high sun program for your children. Our goal is to provide with a camp in which every child will have a fun entertaining summer experience  while being introduced to a variety of new activities, challenges and friends. The object of the program is to help children explore possibilities, stretch themselves and  get in touch within their infinite potential.


Features Of The Programme:


It is a carefully deigned program  involving following activities:

        1. Magical Manoeuvre  (Dance) 

        2. Artful Antics (Art and Craft)   

        3. Healthy and Hearty (Physical Fitness)

        4. Combat and Command (Taekwondo)

        5. Music Mania (Music)



Ø  Dance Classes by Altaf Bhat  (D.I.D. Champ)

Ø  Physical Fitness Classes by LEAPSTART


Have a Rollicking Summer.