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Faciliting Learning



At  Asian  World  School, learning  process  has multidimensional  approach, as  per  the  needs, aptitude  and interests  of  the  child.  We  believe  in  “Hands  on” experience  approach, with modern  creative  and  innovative  techniques & methods. We  are  committed  to  Education- academic  and  non Academic.  We  want  to  give  a  child understanding of  team  work, leadership,  ideas  of  winning  and  learning,  where  our  Sports  ground  becomes  a  classroom. Lot  of  experience  is  given to  children  through, extra  curricular  activities  like  Music , Dance  Drama and  Art, where  children  express and  fill  their  canvass  with  different  colors,  and  learn  the  beauty  of  the  rhythm.